Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

The Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation provides expertly supervised programs, delivering educational and counseling services to aid individuals in their recovery from significant injuries, illnesses, or surgeries. Its primary goal is to enhance health and well-being for all patients. The department is overseen by a team of highly qualified, skilled, and seasoned physiotherapists specializing in various techniques such as manual therapy, mobilization, strength training, endurance training, balance training, fitness training, and ergonomic advice. Equipped with cutting-edge rehabilitation tools, the department facilitates pain reduction, restoration of muscle balance, correction of posture, and addressing activity and functional limitations for patients.

The Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Department collaborates extensively with the Institutes of Cardiac Sciences, Neurosciences, Orthopedics, and Sports Medicine, providing tailored programs and specialized services to patients. The facility addresses degenerative and traumatic conditions, as well as adult & pediatric neurological and cardiac conditions. The adept team at Sarvamangal Hospital is dedicated to delivering comprehensive care, aiming to restore patients’ everyday functions and minimize their distress through holistic treatments.